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It may be cold and wintry outside but every garden should make room for a winter plant or two. Currently at its peak in several of our gardens is Garrya elliptica (the silk-tassel bush). It is a useful plant all year due to its dark green evergreen leaves but in January it is covered in shimmery metallic looking catkins which last for weeks. Whether left to grow into a freestanding large shrub/small multistemmed tree or trained flat against a wall as shown here at Darwin College it is a real showstopper at this time of year.

Garrya  elliptica

Garrya elliptica

It may be only the second week of January (and snowing) but Arkley has started a new project today. Cambridge university: Department of Engineering have asked us to improve their surroundings by renovating and replacing tired original plantings. We will of course be using a little Arkley flair in the redesign so be on the look out for year round interest, bulbs for every season and lots of colour!