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I know i may be a little late with this, but better late than never. I don’t really know how it happened but one minute it was so cold that nothing was growing and the next second we were greeted with an almighty crescendo of spring colour all vying for our attention. March and April really have to be the month for Daffodil and Narcissi and if chosen carefully (and in a spring of average temperatures) the display can last successionally for many weeks. Here follows some of our favourites: As the name suggests, N. ‘February Gold’ is an early form (although it never seems to flower until early March in Cambridgeshire) and has a stately elegant quality. Next up flowering in late March is N. ‘Jetfire’, a smaller rockery type form ideal for use in pots, baskets and window boxes. We have found its vibrant yellow petals and orange trumpet to be quite weather proof in a british spring. Finally for now i have to include N. ‘Thalia’, a late narcissi, flowering in mid-late April with multi-headed white flowers. We try new varieties every year to add to the tried and tested so are already excited to see what the autumn bulb catalogues will have for 2014.

N. 'Jetfire'

N. ‘Jetfire’